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If you're a Children's and Young Adult author like us, school visits can be a great way to meet your readers and to share your books with them. School visits can also be a vital source of extra income each year, and a powerful way to show your publisher that your books are being well received.

But without some strategic planning, and some careful preparation and practice, school visits can become stressful, exhausting and can even end up costing you money.

In this FREE 4-PAGE GUIDE, we give you an overview of how to book school visits, how to make them informative, entertaining, and also profitable, and how to make sure you still have time to write more books.

Caroline & Scott

About Us

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Scott Reintgen

... is the author of eleven Young Adult and Middle Grade science fiction and fantasy books.

A former teacher, Scott wrote the Nyxia trilogy, the Ashlords series, the Talespinners series, and The Problem with Prophecies. His brand new book is the YA fantasy thriller—A Door in the Dark.

Caroline Leech, smiling, wearing black shirt and striking necklace.

Caroline Leech

... is a Young Adult author, podcaster & presentation/media skills coach.

Caroline's YA novels, WAIT FOR ME and IN ANOTHER TIME are published by HarperCollins. An ex-PR, she coaches authors to present in public, and hosts the podcast, Authors & Audiences.

“Scott was a compelling speaker and his message about finding your passion resonated powerfully with our students… They left the event energized, motivated and excited about reading his book!” 

Jennifer Cassidy, Librarian at Dillard Drive Middle

Caroline visited my 8th grade classroom and truly helped my students. Afterwards. many were excited about picking up their pens and continuing their stories or even starting over in their writers' notebooks!

Matthew Martinez, Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan Middle School

Three stacked pages from the School Visits 101 guide