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Ten tips to help you walk into your next author event feeling excitement, not fear
Caroline Leech, photo credit: Tasha Gorel

Meet Caroline...

Caroline Leech is a Scottish Texan author, podcaster, and coach, who has been writing professionally for over three decades. Before moving to the USA, she was a Press & PR consultant and trainer in strategic press, media and presentation skills, working with performing and literary arts companies and arts trade organizations across the United Kingdom. Once in Houston, she began to write fiction, and my YA novels, WAIT FOR ME and IN ANOTHER TIME are published by Harper Collins.

Through 1:1 coaching, group webinars, and conference workshops and speeches, she helps authors and illustrators present themselves and their books with confidence and professionalism at public events and on social media, so they can connect with their readers and impress their publishers.

In her podcast, Authors & Audiences, Caroline chats to authors, illustrators, booksellers, publishers and other randomly fascinating guests, and invites them to share the secrets of their public speaking confidence and their media/social media strategies.


For Caroline's Book Launch Briefing webinars

Brynn Barineau
Orange Blossom Publishing 2022

"I'm a debut author with an indie press. A lot of the planning and marketing falls to me and I have no experience with planning book events. Caroline workshop was exactly what I needed! She covered all aspects of a book launch from promotion to choosing swag to picking and practicing a signing tag in advance. I came away with a lot of actionable ideas for my own launch and more confidence I can make it an awesome event."

Becky Dean
Delacourte Press 2022

"Caroline took an intimidating topic for introverted writers like me and made it feel doable and fun. I feel like I can succeed at a book launch event now thanks to her organization and obvious expertise! I really liked the breakdown, piece by piece, of all the elements in a good launch. A suggested agenda and exactly what was needed for each part was really helpful."

Jen Devon
St. Martin’s Griffin 2022

"Caroline's launch webinar was one of the most effective confidence-building experiences I've had as a debut author. Her tips were fresh, validating, uplifting and often unexpected. I'm so surprised by the sheer amount of information and ideas she shared that I hadn't thought of; truly a case of "not knowing what I didn't know". She has a wealth of knowledge that she delivers in a relatable, conversational way. Enthusiastically recommend."